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Wendy McNulty- Clements, RN

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Trusted and individualized support in your journey to healing.


My career began in 2005 as a NICU nurse where I cared for some of the most vulnerable patients and worried families. My passion in educating these families led me to managing patient support programs that identified barriers and customized care for vulnerable patients on the other end of the spectrum. The education and time spent with patients resulted with an increase of initiation, adherence and persistency leading to therapeutic results.


Starting at the ground level to support the community of patients, families and medical professionals better understand and accept the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis/CBD and to rid the stigma associated with it.  Education, individualized treatment plans and compassionate delivery of your CBD journey to wellness.


Cannabis Nursing is a "specialty" that combines the knowledge of the Endocannobinod system and the use of trusted cannabis plant products. Services are delivered under the Scope and Standards of practice for Cannabis Nurses outlined by the American Cannabis Nurse Association. The continuity of care your cannabis nurse provides is high quality and law abiding  allowing all involved to work towards the common goal of optimal health.